Basic Requirements: Reliable transportation, punctuality, and flexible work availability during business hours


Knowledge of:

  • Knowledge of equipment
  • Ability to maintain and service equipment
  • Ability to infer what a customer needs for a project
  • Ability to adapt to difficult situations such as when it's busy or when equipment stops working


Knowledge of:

The Hardware team overlaps into many different realms of the entire business. We take great pride in our ability to take someone brand new to the industry and train them in many different skills such as making paint, duplicating keys, and increasing product and service knowledge related to plumbing, electrical, and other trade-related products. This role also will be expected to do the following:

  • Answer phone calls
  • Take out trash and other cleaning duties
  • Stock products
  • Help customers with requests across multiple departments
  • Adjust and assist with inventory as needed


Knowledge of:

  • Fletching
  • Bow repair
  • Archery products
  • Salesmanship, teamwork, and adaptability